How does the Ansul Fire Suppression work?  

Please see our video here for an explanation of how the Ansul Fire Suppression system works.

How does the Ansul system put out a fire? 

The Ansul agent is a low PH wet chemical that reacts with the cooking grease and the heat from the fire.  This creates a reaction that turns the grease into a foam like substance and starves the fire of oxygen.

Can Ansul Fire Suppression systems be retro fitted to existing kitchen?

Yes they can and they can be modified to suit changes you may make to the layout of your kitchen and your Chef’s requirements.

Does an Ansul Fire Suppression system need maintenance and service?

Yes it is, the manufacturer and standards recommend that they are serviced at least every 6 months by a certified and trained engineer.

What triggers the Ansul Fire Suppression system, and will it go off when we are cooking?

Ansul can be manually activated via a manual release pull station or by a thermal link mounted in your extract ducts.  The system is designed only to activate when the temperature reaches 

What happens if my Ansul R102 system activates?

You can clean up the residue with hot soapy water. Any contaminated food will have to be disposed of. Our engineer will flush out the pipework, refill the system and put it back in service. We endeavour to have your system up and running within 24 hours.

What areas in the UK do you cover for Ansul Fire Suppression systems?

Throughout Scotland and the Highlands and Islands, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness.